Tankha painting of the Ladakh Shanti Stupa

A short while ago, I retired from the Corporate Chaos. Not entirely, though. From occupying CXO posts and driving people,  I have become an Advisor-on -demand.  They like it, I like it.

I yearned for  spare time then, now I wondered what to do with it.  My son said “Dad,you must blog!”  Voila!  For many decades I slogged for others, now I decided to blog for myself. Welcome to my world!

 My wife and I, we love to travel. She plans the trip and I talk about it. That’s what I call a nice blogging arrangement.

Often I try to look at the funny side of life, and if my blog brings an occasional smile to your face, I am blessed. If not, I seek your indulgence.

Not everything I write about  is funny, though. I write about whatever touches my heart and I  hope it interests you too.

Our paths were destined to meet.Thank you for finding me! And I would love to hear from you.






9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kaushik,

    Most of the articles certainly brought a smile to my face, and the others got me thinking! Keep on blogging…


  2. Hi Kaushik
    Ravi sent us your blog with the Kirk article. It was a good read with your unique take on it.
    Plan to go through the others shortly now that I’ve retired. Ashok has finally got around to starting his blog. Keep blogging!

  3. Hi Kaushik,

    Would like to contact you regarding copyright permission for a photo of P S Lokanathan on your blog, would it be possible for us to correspond by email?

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