CAT-astrophe #2

Sequels, they say, are not as good as the original. This is the sequel to my earlier post  (CAT-astrophe !) and is certainly not good news.

Season 2

Greycat settled in our house with her twin kittens Bushy (he had a fluffy tail) and Benty (his tail was a little bent at the tip). Together they formed a noisy troika, arriving at the appointed hour every morning and evening for a glass of milk. They would mew at high-pitched voices and harass Anu till she opened the backyard and served the milk. If Anu was not around, they would move to the portico and perform the same “Musicians of Bremen” opera till I served them. They demanded, we served.


After the service: note that Bushy is closest to the milk-tray

Chinese Cuisine

Within a few weeks they got bored with the vegetarian fare that was being served. So they wandered about in search of variety, but would always arrive on time for their milk. One day they didn’t. Our neighbours are a bunch of Chinese bachelors. Anu had a dreadful question — do you think the Chinese might have eaten them? She needn’t have worried; two days later she found them frolicking on the Chinese lawns! Even though they were very small, their feline agility had seen them over the compound wall. The Chinese food smelt lovely, the cats followed their nose and ….stayed there! They were guests of Mainland China! But on the third day, they returned to our house.  I mean, if you are Indian, how long can you take Chinese cuisine? TamBrahm fare is the most satisfying for the long haul. Needless to say, Anu was most pleased.

Benty & Bushy

Benty was the scaredy-cat of the trio. He would be the last to approach the milk-tray; he would run away if we tried to pat him; and would curl up in a shady corner at every opportunity. Bushy was an explorer. He would reach for the milk first; he would try to get into the kitchen (Anu was there to block his entry); and he would prowl and prance in the back-garden.

combined kit

First Bushy would tap me, then Benty would lick my toes….


…then they would both nibble my toes to convince me that they were hungry

The last adventure

But last week, Bushy stopped turning up for food. After 3  “no-shows” Anu was worried. Then the fact came to light. We saw him lying dead in the next street. Bushy had always been an adventurer, but his last foray was a misadventure — he must have eaten some foodstuff laced with pesticide.  Understandably, Anu was upset. Un-understandably I was upset too. Was I not the anti-cat fellow from the dog-lobby? Yes, I know, I know; but that was about cats at large, not “our” cats. I shouldn’t have got attached. Did not the Buddha say that attachment brings sorrow?


Rest in Peace, Bushy


2 thoughts on “CAT-astrophe #2

  1. Nice narrative with a saddening end lines. Funny, how we feel sad about animal mis-adventures even without having ever seen them. I wonder if we “genuinely” feel the same way when some humans who we know turn up their toes!

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