Netas Vs. Netaji

It is official: Netaji is dead! Now can we let his soul rest in peace, please? Of course not, because “the show must go on”.

In recent times, speculation about him reached cacophonic heights— rivalling the myths regarding the Yeti and the Loch-Ness Monster. They said: what crash, there was no airplane in the first place; he was a monk in Nepal; no, a prisoner in Russia; retired in Japan; blah, blah. For quite a while, it provided comic relief to the harassed Indians— from day-to-day irritants like traffic jams and LPG shortage to even larger problems like cross-border terrorism and poverty. Heck, we even forgot that these problems existed, such was the entertainment provided by the Netas!

Suddenly, the prudish BJP government has put a stop to this free serial by unveiling the “secret” files. Why the tearing hurry, when we were having such a wonderful time? Tsk, tsk.


Courtesy Times of India Oct’15: Perhaps, successive Governments agonised over this?

But wait…. there is hope for us yet. Netaji –Season 2 is just around the corner. One Congressman said “our party had always wanted a full disclosure of these files”. Meaning, “we said it first”! So-ooo kind of them to wait for 65 years and graciously “allow” Modi to fulfill their cherished desire. Oops, another congressman said that the BJP did this “desired” thing just as a political stunt for the electorate. Very clever of him to see through the evil design of the BJP: I mean, BJP did the very thing that the Congress was itching to do, yet it was a “political stunt”. Wow, I cannot wait for the BJP response: after all, they would love to put their foot in the mouth too!

Meanwhile, Mamta-di from the Left camp, was feeling left out. She entered Season 2 with a declaration: “Netaji should be declared leader of the nation”. But that was what the general public called him all these years: NETA-JI (Great Leader)? Look, it is one thing for the people to call him Netaji on their own; but it is entirely different for people to call him by the same title after the government has declared so upon Mamta-di’s “advice”. There’s such a thing called Protocol!

The Bose family members said they were happy with the disclosure of the files. Oh, not quite, said some other related parties. The PM should get the confidential files in UK, Russia, Japan and the US released, they said. Good idea! If it took us 65 years to release our own confidential papers, how many decades would it take to accomplish that internationally? It will cover Netaji – Season 3 to 17. And that’s a lot more parliament terms during which our politicians can divert public attention without addressing the real issues. Who needs real Netas, we love clowns. Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu!


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