BB King: Thrill is gone

A critic once said “you don’t have to be a Blues fan to like BB King”. My sentiments, exactly. I didn’t know much about Blues until my sister presented me with a BB King Album. I still don’t know much about Blues, but I sure am hooked on to BB King. Farm hand, Tractor-driver, Disc Jockey, Song-writer, guitarist-par-excellence— that’s Riley B King for you (nobody knew what the middle B stood for). Of course everyone knows what the BB in BB King stands for: Blues Boy! And most know who Lucille is: that’s his guitar. Here’s what Lucille can do:

Guitar solo– Blues Boys Tune

There’s a story behind Lucille. BB King was playing in a dance hall in the 50’s when a fight broke out between two men. They knocked over a kerosene stove and started a fire. King fled the scene but rushed back to retrieve his guitar. He later found that the two men were fighting over a woman called Lucille. From then on all BB King’s guitars were called Lucille— curvaceous and big-hipped like a woman! Here are some lovely BB King numbers:

BB King sings “Thrill is gone” with Pavarotti.

The original “Thrill is gone” sung by a young King

To know you is to love you

BB King died after a long fight with Diabetes. His last concert was in October’14. RIPBBKingRest in Peace, King of Blues!


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