My Domestic Skills Training

Post- retirement, I thought I would make myself useful by learning some household skills. Anu (my wife) has been complaining that I am an unmitigated disaster around the kitchen; so I tried to polish my skills by exploring the best Gharelu Nuska type of websites. It has been a truly elevating experience, and I must share it with you. The gasps of exclamation, in red, are mine; but I promise, the tips themselves are uncensored gems from real, live websites. So here goes.
Store Sambar powder and Rasam powder in the deep freezer. This will keep the fresh aroma for a longer time! You bet. I had never tasted Sambar-flavoured ice-cream till I did this.
If you drop an egg on the floor, cover it with salt and leave it for a couple of minutes. Wow! It really camouflaged the eggs. Only, I had problems explaining the mound of salt to Anu!

While storing green chilies, remove the stems. This will help the chilies to get fresh for a longer time. Oh yeah? Whom do the chillies get fresh with?
Apply some oil on the sides of the vessel in which you boil milk, in order to avoid it from overflowing. And who is to clear the oil-spills in the milk bowl— Exxon, Shell?
Reduce the burning sensation after cutting green chillies by keeping the fingers in a bowl of cold milk added with some sugar! And pray, what do you do with the milk after that?
Ginger can be soaked overnight and next day morning clean it with a tooth brush (with a tooth brush you can clean each and every corner) blend it and keep it in the fridge. Exciting idea, especially if your wife loves the aroma of Ginger blended with toothpaste!
No more tears while cutting onions: keep the onions in a plastic bag and keep it in the fridge. Not very practical advice: at today’s prices, I shed the tears when I buy onions, not when I cut; psssst….. I store them in the bank locker, not the fridge.
To avoid the ants coming into the storage containers apply Castro oil at the edges of the container. Well, it is OK so long as the Cubans don’t object, I guess.
When buying beets, see that they are dark red in colour both on the outside and inside as well as uniform in shape and size. So how do you find out their colour on the INSIDE before buying them?
Eating cauliflower makes the stomach for this problem we should slightly boil the cauliflower and throw the water, before cooking it. But I thought the problem was the cauliflower and not the water?

To make soft tomatoes regain their hardness, put them in cold water to which a litre of salt is added. The tomatoes will turn hard in 10 minutes. I don’t know about tomatoes, but if you are thinking what I’m thinking…. you must have a dirty mind!

Glossary: Gharelu Nuska = Household Tips


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