Election Rhymes

Politics, they say, brings out the worst in everybody. I can believe that; it makes me burst into poetry. For those who don’t know me—- my poetry is even worse than my prose.  The recent election inspired this absolutely zany ditty. It has no sense of meter, but it rhymes!!!
In the run-up to this Parliamentary Body?
The BJP shouts hoarse “ it is time for Modi”
And Jayalalitha says “No, I’m the Lady”
The commies are yet scared of the Didi
Akhilesh & Stalin cling to Dear Daddy
Kejri, he loves to hate Kiran  Bedi
But surely, Congress is off the Gaadi ?
Oh, Goddie, this is real shoddy
All we are left with is…… Ibrahim Lodi!
PS: I sent this poem to my good friend, SG for feedback: not because he is honest, but because he says nice things. Even he was not amused. He said “Daiiyy, you have gone from bad to verse !” Indeed, politics brings out the worst in everybody!



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