You’ve got Mail !

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan with Brinkley (the dog!) in “You’ve got Mail”

No, it is not like the movie at all!

My wife and I, we share a common e-mail address. People ask me why. Back in the 90s, when we created the mail address, it seemed natural that two people sharing a postal address should share an e-mail address. By the time we had other ideas, it was too late — too many address books had to be recast. Besides, from a typical middle class mental framework it seemed an awful waste (of whatever) for one couple to have two id’s!

Her friends think it is incredibly romantic, while my friends ridicule my “loser” approach. Say what you will, it has its own excitement, much like our own marriage.

Every now and then we have some no-holds-barred arguments. Heaven help me when I win any of those (not often)! The morning after, when I am still gloating, disaster has already struck the mailing system. She gets up early in the morning, and marks all the “unread” mails as “read”. (She has absolutely no need for the “read” flag, her brain is differently wired.) This guerilla attack breaks my entire communication system, and now the night before seems a pyrrhic victory. Nowadays, after every clash, I use the traditional method: I kiss and make up at night. Much more romantic, as her friends say.

We both subscribe to a number of websites and get a barrage of mails every day. Mine are rather boring: Economics, Finance, Technology and the like. Hers are vibrant and Page3 material: Fitness and health, Celebrity Diet, Who-ran-away-with-whose-trainer, etc. It seems to me that she gets all the juicy stuff. Here is a sample of the subject/title of her mails: “J- Lo is just 2 clicks away”;“The inner thigh gap”; “how women feel about being naked”; “9 moves to possess a sexy body”; “Don’t blame me when you can’t keep your hands off” and so on. Usually, the real content is very tame — the therapeutic properties of seaweed, or a vitamin enriched orange juice, or even a convoluted yogic pose. But her titles sure beat mine, like: “RBI Governor increases Repo Rate by 0.25 %” or “What ails the Vietnamese bicycle industry”. While she has no incentive to read my mails, I get droll moments reading hers. Not a bad bargain, for a loser, huh?

I had great difficulty interpreting her recent mail titled: “Extra Virgin”. From an Economics standpoint, this looked like the Inventory Policy of an Arab Harem. It turns out that Virgin is a surname: Ms. J.J.Virgin regularly writes about shedding “extra” Kilos. YAHOO!


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